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Heat Treat Bed Bugs is a service of "My Roofing"; which is a premiere roofing and construction company. We started heattreatbedbugs.com to meet the need of so many who are facing this bed bug problem. It is an expensive problem and one that is hard to beat. After seeing people close to us struggle with the expense and battle of these persistent little bugs we felt we had to help. ,So after going through the training, investing in the equipment, we are now able to help people all around us. We provide affordable and effective heat treatment equipment that eliminate the problem, keeping your business or home from further harm and unnecessary distress. We are able to serve the Cleburne, Joshua, Burleson, Godley, Rio Vista, Alvarado, Crowley and surrounding areas. Don’t suffer any longer – give us a call at (817) 659 5160 to get started on finding your relief.

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