Can Heat Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Posted on October 7th, 2022

So you have bed bugs! Relax... this is not as difficult of a task as you might imagine. 

Bed bugs can be picked up in hotels, doctor’s waiting rooms, at the movies, and any number of places you might go. There have been cases of bed bug infestations from the purchase of NEW furniture direct from the store. So, while bed bugs are troublesome, it does not mean that you kept a dirty house or did anything wrong.

Now you have bed bugs and that is why you are here searching for an answer. Yes, it is expensive to have a pest control company come and treat the house either with chemicals or heat treatments. In fact, it can range in the thousands for treatment. Heat Treat Bed Bugs has an easy, affordable option for your bed bugs problem that will allow you to save thousands and handle the treatment chemical free with amazing results. In fact. heat treatment not only kills bed bugs; but also other insects such as roaches, fleas, and even bacteria.

The Lethal Effect of Heat on Bed Bugs

  • At 113 degrees the adult bed bugs and nymphs begin to die within 15 minutes.
  • At 113 degrees the bed bugs eggs begin to die within 1 hour of exposure.
  • At 115 degrees all stages of bed bugs begin to die within 7 minutes.

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