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Posted on October 7th, 2022

The rental is actually quite simple. You pay for 1st day of rental at full price and each additional day is 50% off. There is a $250 deposit required, along with a rental contract form to be filled out. There is a $50 delivery fee for bringing the equipment out and a $50 pick-up fee. You can arrange to pick up the equipment by appointment at our office in Cleburne. This is for a 25 miles range from the center of Cleburne, TX. If your treatment for one room takes you two days, then you are looking at an average of $299 total plus delivery(Not counting the deposit, which is fully refundable) before taxes. This will save you anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 on having it heat treated by a pest control company with the same and often times better results. Heat Treating yourself allows you the opportunity to spend more time in problem areas to ensure the area has reached the proper temperature for the most effective results.

Elite 33k Hypro Heat Treatment System

  • 1Heater with 8 elements
  • 4x50’ Lighted Power Cords
  • 1xIR Thermometer
  • 4/Circuits (8)/120vac20
  • 4/Circuits (12)/120vac20
  • 9,840 Watts Our most powerful 120V heater.
  • 120 volts, 33,000 BTU's
  • Air Volume 2500 CFM
  • Need 8x15 Amps or 6x20 Amps

How to prepare for heat treatment

Be Responsible... Follow All Cautions!

  • Don't use any pesticides, sprays, foggers or dust prior to heat treatment.
  • Do not relocate or remove anything from the treatment area unless it is sealed in plastic bags to be permanently disposed of.
  • Pull all furniture from the walls, piles of towels, sheets, clothing need to be secured in bags and washed after treatment.
  • Any clothing or shoes that have been removed on the day of treatment from the infected area needs to be inspected and sanitized before being allowed in treated area
  • Unplug all electrical devices except major appliances such as refrigerator etc.
  • Be certain to vacuum/sweep floors in the area to be treated prior to treatment.
  • Remove/take down/lay flat any unsecured wall hangings/photos/posters as they may blow down or over during the treatment process. This includes any loose papers or similar items.
  • Vinyl or fake wood blinds should be removed as they have a low heat tolerance may be damaged during the treatment.

Items that are SENSITIVE to Heat

These items should be inspected and placed in sealed plastic tubs or in the refrigerator prior to the start of the heat treatment. Please inspect to be sure that no bed bugs are on them.

  • Candles, lipsticks, crayons and other similar cosmetics.
  • Cigarette lighters, lighter fluid, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers & other combustible items.
  • CD's, DVD's, software, VHS/cassette tapes, soft vinyl items, photos in the open, tv remotes, etc.
  • All pets, fish, plants, chocolates, carbonated beverages, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, medicines, etc. They can either be removed or placed in the refrigerator.
  • Computers, tables, cell phones, musical instruments, artwork such as oil paintings and acrylics.
  • Antique furniture & items that rely on glue points for structure should be sterilized and removed.
  • Al firearms and ammo should be removed or stored in a fireproof safe.

As you check the area you might come across other items that common sense will tell you that they should be removed. 

Heat Treat Bed Bugs is not responsible for any items that are damaged during the heat treatment of the area. Please note that all backpack, briefcases, purses, textbooks should be left IN the treatment area.

Air flow is vital to the process and overpacked and cluttered closets may not be able to be treated effectively. Certain surfaces such as tile, brick and block will require longer treatment times to achieve the optimal results.

Please follow for proper procedures. Proceed at YOUR own Risk.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR Elite 33k Hypro Heater

Step 1

Follow the instructions on hot to prepare the room. Declutter the room as much as possible before proceeding.

Step 2

Cover any vents in the room such as bathroom exhaust fan, ac vents, return ai vents and so forth. You can use plastic sheeting and painters tape. It is not recommended to use duct tape. You are doing this to help maintain the heat in the are that is being treated. Heat naturally rises so this will help ensure the efficiency of the treatment.

Please note that is your home has fire sprinkler heads you will need to consult with your landlord before proceeding. Precautionary steps must be taken to avoid setting off the sprinkler system.

Step 3

Cover single pane windows in the room with either a blanket or some type of insulating material to minimize loss of energy from windows.

Step 4

Pull the furniture in the room away from the wall about 6 inches. You will want to direct the air flow from the fan/fans toward the carpet, baseboard, headboard in the room. The axial fans are designated to move air at a high rate of speed and force. The goal is to get the air moving in the room similar to that of a convection oven. Temperature and time are the two most important aspect of this treatment.

Step 5

Slightly open all drawers and cabinets and separate items so that the air can freely flow though them. At this time make sure to unplug and electrical devices in the room.

It is also important to note that wall and ceiling made of brick, concrete, and other hard surfaces require more heat to do the job. They conduct heat much slower than drywall. Be prepared to give extra time in areas made of this difficult material.

Step 6

It is helpful if you can prop up the end of the bed with a box or small chair to allow better airflow with heat to reach that area. Try to not disturb the area more than necessary.

Step 7

Position the heater and fan/fans. Be sure to leave room behind and in front of them to allow for proper airflow. Secure any loose papers at this point.

Step 8

The position of the heater and fan is critical here. The heater should be directed at the most difficult location which usually would be the bed. Remember do not have any electronics directly in the flow from the heater. The fan/fans will point at the wall in a 22-45 degree angle. The wind circulation should be circling the room so do not have air streams cross each other to impede the flow. Remember to keep any drapes or loose material from being sucked up into the fans intake.

Step 9

Power for the process. The Elite 33k Hypro heater unit takes 4 20 amp breakers and up to 4 15 amp breakers. The Elite 33k Hypro has 8 heating elements in it. 4 of them require 12 amps and 4 require 8 amps. You can run 2 8 amp elements on a 20 amp breaker. To find out where the available plugs are simply go to the breaker box. Each breaker will be listed as 20 amp or 15 amp etc. Find the location in the house for each breaker. For example if one 20 amp breaker is in the living room then you can plug one cord into an outlet in the living room. If another 20 amp breaker is to the hall bathroom then you could plus in one 12 amp element or two 8 amp elements into that breaker. It is not as complicated as this may sound. It takes a lot of power to get the heat that is needed. Now not every area will need the full 8 elements. In a 10 X 15 room you would only need two 12 amp elements. At slightly larger room then you could add an additional element as needed. You also need to be sure to plus in the black cord for the fan of the heater. The other fan/fans will just plug into an unused breaker that is available.

Step 10

After plugging in all of the heating elements to be used and ensuring all lights are lit, turn on the fan (green switch) and then turn on the heater (red switch). Again, be sure that all electronics in the room is unplugged and not in the direct path of the heater. Remember, you must have the cord for the heater fan plugged in or the unit will not turn on.

Step 11

The heater comes with a state-of-the-art temperature controller that is preset to 132 degrees and will not need any adjustment.

Step 12

Let the process run foe a minimum of 6 hours with 12 hours being optimal. Check on the room from time to time to insure no breakers have flipped and to move the fan to adjust airflow differently.

Step 13

Place a towel under the door to seal the are off and to keep heat from escaping.

Step 14

During the treatment check the temperature of the room using the ir thermometer. Check the temperature at the carpet, at the walls, the corners, under the bedspread, in drawers, and so forth. If you find an area struggling to reach the proper temp then adjust the airflow of the fan in that direction and recheck at a later time. Once you have reached full temperature for a proper length of time then you can shut down the system but keep the room sealed and allow for it to cool down slowly. The temperature will remain lethal for a few hours.

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